Getting the perfect fit for your dog

How it works

You want your dog to get the best fitting custom dog coats or clothing possible.  That is why I make all my products JUST for your dog, using their measurements, their specific build, and your input.  

You want to avoid the headache of buying something and finding that it just doesn't work for your dog.  Here's how!

Ways for us to get it right the first time.

1)     Detailed diagrams are in each listing (second photo).   

2)    The  "How to Measure" page has a diagram and additional instructions for measuring for coats/pajamas and diapers.  Sizes are spelled out so you can see ballpark sizing.  These are only starting points.  Your dog has his own set of measurements that we want to use. Scroll down to see more.

3)     Videos that demonstrate measuring are in most listings and on this page too.

4)    Call or email me with questions at (307-575-0133) or (

And finally

5)    Try my new feature, "Facetime Fitting".  You can set up an appointment with me to to work out details for your pup's new favorite coat. 

To use Facetime Fitting, click "Book" under "Online Appointments" to set up an appointment time.  If your time isn't posted, or if you don't use Facetime, please contact me and we'll arrange another way.  Be sure to include your name on Facebook. I will start the Facetime session and we'll have our fitting!


How to measure for custom dog coats

Dog Coat Diagram

Dog Coat Diagram

To select size for ordering, use A, the length of your dog.  If your dog's length is in between stated sizes, round down to order. Be sure to include all of your dog's actual measurements so I can provide the best fit possible.

For a video with measuring instruction, click on this link. 

Length 8 inches, neck 9 inches, girth 14 inches
Length 10 inches, neck 10 inches, girth 16 inches
Length 12 inches, neck 12 inches, girth 18 inches

Length 14 inches, neck 13 inches, girth 22 inches
Length 16 inches, neck 15 inches, girth 24 inches

Length 18 inches, neck 16 inches, girth 26 inches
Length 20 inches, neck 17, girth 28 inches
Length 22 inches, neck 18 inches, girth 30 inches

Length 24 inches, neck 20 inches, girth 32 inches
Length 26 inches, neck 22 inches, girth 34 inches

Length 28 inches, neck 24 inches, girth 36 inches
Length 30 inches, neck 26 inches, girth 38 inches

Length 32 inches, neck 28 inches, girth 40 inches
Length 34 inches, neck 30 inches, girth 42 inches
Length 36 inches, neck 32 inches, girth 44 inches 


Dog Diaper Diagram

To order britches, use measurement A from diagram, spine at waist level to base of tail (where tail and body meet). If your dog falls in between sizes, round down to order, but let me know all measurements so I can provide the best fit.  Be sure to allow enough length so that the garment doesn't rub against the front of the legs.

For video with measurement instructions for britches click this link 


2" waist to tail, 10" top to bottom, groin 8-12"
3" waist to tail, 12" top to bottom, groin 9-14"
4" waist to tail, 14" top to bottom, groin 9-14"

5" waist to tail, 16" top to bottom, groin 12-16"
6" waist to tail, 18" top to bottom, groin 14-18"

7" waist to tail, 21" top to bottom,  groin 16-22"
8" waist to tail, 23" top to bottom,  groin 18-24"

9" waist to tail, 26" top to bottom, groin 20-26"
10" waist to tail, 28" top to bottom, groin 22-30"


11" waist to tail, 30" top to bottom, groin 24-32"

12" waist to tail, 32" top to bottom, groin 26-32"
13" waist to tail, 34" top to bottom, groin 28-34"
14" waist to tail, 36" top to bottom, groin 30-38"


To order belly bands, select "C", groin measurement and let me know the specific measurements of your dog.  Be sure to allow room for an absorbent pad to be placed.

 XS: 4" wide by 9-14" at groin

Small: 5" wide by 12-18" at groin

Medium: 6" wide by 16-22" at groin

Large: 7" wide by 20-28" at groin

XL: 8" wide by 26-34" at groin