Quality Custom Dog Products

How I Got Started

I love dogs and creating.  I started looking around and saw that there was a need to keep some pups warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Sometimes grooming assistance was needed.  Or "seasonal" issues were a problem. And where does a dog parent turn to get something that will fit a dachshund, or a bulldog, or a mastiff?   

I started creating and have built my business on providing well fitting, quality dog clothes to fill the needs of those fur kids.

Custom dog coats and clothing are my specialty. If you're looking for winter dog coats,  dog cool coats, dog clothing, dog fleece coats, dog pajamas, dog britches, dog belly bands, dog slinkies and other specialty dog items, I can make what you need.

This is the chance for your dog to have their very own clothing, made especially for him or her!  Made by De has many styles currently available or we can talk about something specific to the needs of your dog; just ask! 

I take pride in developing my knowledge base in order to allow me to provide the best product possible. I've attended many dog shows and talked to all kinds of people about the needs of each dog and breed.  This allows me a unique knowledge base that only comes from experience.