About Made by De, custom dog clothes

Solving a problem: why I started making dog clothes

Dogs aren't born wearing clothes.  But we ask them to do things that they wouldn't do on their own or live places that they wouldn't normally live. That's why they need a little help in the clothing department.  

If you know your dog isn't comfy, you want make them feel better, happy, loved. You buy "something", hoping that it will work, but your dog won't walk in it or chews it up rather than wear it.  It 's a bummer to waste all that time, money and effort just to get something that your dog hates! 

You start shopping for your fur kid. Have you ever tried to fit a dachshund or a bulldog or a skinny senior mutt with dog coats from one of the big stores?  It isn't easy.  They have coats that are small, medium or large.  If you have a dog that those fit, you're all set.  If their products have the features you need, even better.  

What if your dog doesn't fit the mold? Or what if you want a purple coat with tummy coverage and reflective strips? Or something else that you can't find? You know pretty much what you want, but where to look? You don't want to fail your pup. You just want to have fun together!

What does it mean to buy a custom dog coat from Made by De


I started Made by De, a custom dog clothes company, to ease the pain. When you decide you want your dog to have a custom coat, I will work with you to get just what you both need.  We'll come up with a product that you both will love. Each one is made as a team effort between you, your dog and me, CUSTOM, just for your dog.  

If the clothes fit and feel good, your pup will actually LIKE wearing them. They will be happy and you’ll feel good because they feel happy. The ultimate result; everybody wins! 

I want you and your dog to love your Made by De creation. My goal is to help you and your dog be the best team you can be.  I want you to have tools and products that you love.  Let me provide a few of those tools.  


Take a look at my store and find your CUSTOM dog coat.