About Made by De

Why I started making dog clothes


I am De Hufford, owner of Made by De. Back in 2009, I was an RN who was getting tired of being away from my family and my animals all the time. As luck would have it, I broke my ankle and had to take some time off. I had a friend who was trying to sell some dog coats so I helped her list them on ebay. In talking to those folks, I heard countless times about how they had this dog that was hard to fit. They kept telling me how they couldn't find coats that their dog liked to wear or that did what they needed it to do.

Made by De was born!


I started my company as an alternative to the big stores, where the sizes are Small, Medium and Large and you can’t find “dachshund” or “bulldog” or “skinny senior” anywhere.  

Each dog is unique. Each one has individual needs, diverse build, different characteristics, varied activities………the list is endless. Since I make each and every item myself, I can accommodate the unique needs of your dog. And I can do it in a timely, cost effective manner.  When you contact my company, you get me! 

Why buy a custom dog coat from Made by De


A dog that is as comfortable as possible will be able to move freely and efficiently. If your pup feels comfortably warm or cool and unrestricted, they will be happy and you’ll feel good because they feel happy. The ultimate result; everybody wins! 

 I believe that going above and beyond should be common practice. I take pride in making each item with attention to detail and fit with its final use in mind. This is why I can provide what each dog needs; a fantastic product.   

Check out my store and see what you think.  



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