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  • Fashion Slinkie


    Your pooch will look awesome with these grooming dog slinkies, made of nylon/lycra (swimsuit material). Great for smoothing the topline or keeping long fur clean and free of debris. If you have a long haired breed (Long Haired Chihuahuas, Long Haired Dachshunds, Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Silky Terriers, Afghan Hounds, Setters, or Golden Retrievers) you will appreciate the comfort for your pup and ease of use for you. 


    - Made of swimsuit material, a lycra/nylon blend, with stretch and durability

    - Designed to tame the coat of long haired breeds and keep topline smooth

    - Protects coat from dirt, weeds and sun

    - Strap under chest and elastic under tail to hold in place

    - Can be customized for the specific needs of your dog, i.e. longer neck, strap placement, belly panel, etc. 

    - Machine wash and air dry

    Also available; matching snood. 

    Sizes are based on length of back (A in diagram).  To make this coat, I need all measurements, A-H, to get a good fit.  

    Please order based on back length (A). Round down if length is in between to order, but let me know all actual measurements as I will use those to make the best fitting coat possible. If no measurements are provided, I do have a "standard" set of measurements (below).  These will be used if you do not provide the actual measurements of your dog.


    Length 8 inches, neck 9 inches, girth 14 inches

    Length 10 inches, neck 10 inches, girth 16 inches

    Length 12 inches, neck 12 inches, girth 18 inches


    Length 14 inches, neck 13 inches, girth 22 inches

    Length 16 inches, neck 15 inches, girth 24 inches


    Length 18 inches, neck 16 inches, girth 26 inches

    Length 20 inches, neck 17, girth 28 inches

    Length 22 inches, neck 18 inches, girth 30 inches


    Length 24 inches, neck 20 inches, girth 32 inches

    Length 26 inches, neck 22 inches, girth 34 inches


    Length 28 inches, neck 24 inches, girth 36 inches

    Length 30 inches, neck 26 inches, girth 38 inches


    Length 32 inches, neck 28 inches, girth 40 inches

    Length 34 inches, neck 30 inches, girth 42 inches

    Length 36 inches, neck 32 inches, girth 44 inches



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