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  • Dog Cool Collar


    These dog cool collars are a fantastic way to keep your dog cool.  They are quick on and quick off with a simple hook and loop closure.  These cool collars can be used alone or in combination with a cool coat. 

    These cool collars are great for agility competitions, hiking or any other activities that are done when the weather is hot.  Your pup will have alot more fun if he or she is nice and cool.


    - Easy application; wrap around neck and close with hook and loop at the back

    - Adjustable sizing

    - Made with 100% rayon synthetic chamois for cooling 

    - Machine wash and air dry for cleaning 

    - Will stay soft when dry so refrigeration while damp is not required

    - Ice pocket for extra cooling 

    How they work:

    - Chamois coats cool through evaporation; very low tech but also very effective

    - You wet them down thoroughly and then wring out the excess

    - When wrung out, these coats don't get heavy and don't make your dog or what they lay on wet. 

    - Changes can actually be observed in behavior of dog, i.e., less restless, decreased panting

    - Can stay cool for several hours, depending on external conditions

    - Chamois fabric is extremely absorbent

    For more complete cooling, see Cool Coat with Tummy Panel

    This is your opportunity to have a custom made coat just for your dog.  If you have measurements, breed/type or other information you can provide, please provide those for the best fit possible.  If measurements, etc., are not available, I will use the measurements listed below.  

    You can enter measurements and any other requests when you order by clicking the box by "Measurements, requests, etc.".

    These collars are made individually for each order. The size is based on neck circumference (B, neck, on diagram).  Please include the neck measurements and breed/type of dog for best fit. The measurements below are for a starting point.  I welcome your input for the best fit possible.

    Small  3 inches wide by 10 to 14 inches neck circumference

    Medium 4 inches wide by 14 to 18 inches neck circumference

    Large 5 inches wide by 18 to 22 inches neck circumference

    XL 6 inches wide by 22 to 28 inches neck circumference

    XXL 7 inches wide by 28 to 34 inches neck circumference



    My turnaround time is generally 5 to 10 business days, but keep reading to see how I can speed it up.  If you need your order moved to the top of the line, please select the Rush Handling option when ordering. I ship orders under $40 via USPS First Class and orders $40 or over via USPS Priority Mail. Selecting this option will also upgrade First Class shipping on orders under $40 to Priority Mail.

    International Shipping:

    I ship worldwide, but do have to charge just a little for international orders.  If shipping outside the US, please select either the Canada option or Other International option when ordering.