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Great Fit Dog Diapers


Great Fit Dog Diapers, bitch britches
When your dog is in heat, you both have to deal with the inconvenience and mess. My britches can make it better!
If your girl has dog panties that fit well and adjust to her build, she’ll feel much more comfortable. She might not even mind wearing them, so you won’t have to fight her to get them on or pick up the chewed up pieces later when she decides to take matters into her own paws. It’s a win/win!

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Adjustable: These dog diapers are super adjustable, both at the waist and in length, so they fit trim as well as full-figured girls. They have enough adjustment room to fit a girl for her first heat and as she matures. You don’t have to buy different sizes for her to grow in to.
Comfort: I designed these dog britches, made of cotton flannel, to allow your dog to move freely so she won’t mind wearing them. The waist is set a little in front of the groin so the britches don’t rub or cause sores. Instead of elastic or waterproofing that can cause irritation, use a pad with sticky backing to catch the fluid. Your girl won’t have to waddle or short step with these on.
Wearing Great Fit panties: This unique design fastens at the waist. Then the panty portion goes between the back legs with straps on either side of the tail that attach back at the waist. These straps can be crossed or straight and fastened at the angle that best fits your dog. The waist sits in front of the hip bones, so if the straps are snug, the britches won’t slide off. You can even keep them on dogs with no tails.
Care: Just machine wash and air dry with all hook and loop fastened to reuse again and again. You don’t have to throw your money away and you help the environment by reducing trash and waste.
Measuring: Each one of my dog diapers is CUSTOM made just for your dog so she can have the best fit possible. To measure, click How to Measure for diagram and video. Or contact me by email or phone. I want these to fit so you and your dog are happy.
Select the size closest to measurement A (waist to base of tail). Round down if your dog is in between lengths. Let me know the actual measurement, as well as measurements B (waist at top, between legs to waist at bottom) and C (waist circumference), so we can get a truly custom fit.
The Made by De guarantee: With your help, I’ll make a coat that fits your dog; one that you and your dog will love! And I’ll be with you down the road. Each custom dog coat comes with free minor alteration and/or repair for the life of your purchase. After purchase, all you’ll have to pay is the cost of shipping it to me. I’ll ship it back free too!
Happy customer: “These britches by De are wonderful! Our girl hates wearing britches, but she hates these much less. She’s more active and less pouty wearing these as opposed to the ones we bought on Amazon. Thank you De for making britches with the girls’ activity and movement in mind!”

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