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Dog Chiller Cool Coat


Dog Chiller Cool Coat


When it’s hot out, your pup will thank you for one of these cool coats. My synthetic chamois coats will keep them extra cool and comfy on even the hottest days. They work really well to soak up water after a bath or to smooth unruly fur too. To cool, all you have to do is thoroughly soak the coat in water and wring it out to minimize drips and keep your dog dry underneath the coat. Then let evaporation do the work.


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How they work:  As evaporation does its thing, the air is cooled by several degrees to help prevent overheating. You can feel the temperature change when you move your hand close. More importantly, your dog can feel it too. It’s obvious by the way they stop panting and fidgeting that they feel more comfortable.  Your dog will want to wear this cool coat every time it’s hot!

You don’t have to keep this coat damp and refrigerate between uses like other cool coats unless you want to.  It can be allowed to air dry for easy storage. Machine wash and air dry to keep it in good condition for years to come.

This style has an adjustable closure at the neck and a tummy strap that attaches on each side of the ribcage to keep it balanced. You’ll find several options when you order to help you get just what you and your dog want. Each dog coat is custom made, so let me know if you want something different than what the photos show.


Make your coat more special with embroidery.  I have an option to select embroidery when you order.  In the box, let me know exactly what you want it to say in quotation marks (letters/numbers only), block or script font, and color.  Choices of color are blue, black, red, yellow, green, pink, silver, gold, white, teal, and purple.

Getting a great fit. To get started, see the diagram in the photo section above, or go to the How to Measure page for instructions, video and sizing details.  To order, select length (A). Round down if your dog’s length is in between. Be sure to provide all measurements in the Comments section when you order so I can provide the best fit possible.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a coat that is made just for your dog. You can schedule an online fitting session, contact me at or 1-307-575-0133 for help or with any questions or requests so I can make this your dog’s favorite outfit.

The Made by De guarantee: With your help, I’ll make a coat that fits your dog; one that you and your dog will love! And I’ll be with you down the road. Each custom dog coat comes with free minor alteration and/or repair for the life of your purchase. After purchase, all you’ll have to pay is the cost of shipping it to me. I’ll ship it back free too!

As a happy client says; “I’m so impressed with the cool coat quality and fit. De was quick to reply to any questions I had before placing the order. I would absolutely recommend this seller and product.”

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