Quality Custom Dog Products

The Perfect Fit!

I make each item myself.  Unless otherwise stated, each item is made specifically for YOUR order so it is always a custom creation; just for your fur kid.  My goal is to give your dog the best fitting product possible.  I encourage you to provide me with the specific measurements, breed/type and needs of your dog so I can produce the best fit. Note: for any item that pulls over the head, please be sure to provide head measurement so the coat can easily fit over the head.

If it isn't possible to provide specifics, I use standard measurements (see below) to make your pup's stuff.  However, to get a great fit, you can follow this video and check out the diagram. Then send me that info!

Please feel free to ask me any questions. We are working through the mail without me being able to get hands on your pup so the better our communication, the better the outcome.  I want you to LOVE my creations!

You'll find information for coats and pajamas and then scroll down to find information for dog britches and belly bands.

Diagram - measuring for coats and pajamas

Standard measurements - coats and pajamas

When ordering, select size based on length from base of neck to base of tail (see diagram, A). Then let me know the rest and I'll customize! If you don't have specifics, the measurements below will be used.


Length 8 inches, neck 9 inches, girth 14 inches

Length 10 inches, neck 10 inches, girth 16 inches

Length 12 inches, neck 12 inches, girth 18 inches


Length 14 inches, neck 13 inches, girth 22 inches

Length 16 inches, neck 15 inches, girth 24 inches


Length 18 inches, neck 16 inches, girth 26 inches

Length 20 inches, neck 17, girth 28 inches

Length 22 inches, neck 18 inches, girth 30 inches


Length 24 inches, neck 20 inches, girth 32 inches

Length 26 inches, neck 22 inches, girth 34 inches


Length 28 inches, neck 24 inches, girth 36 inches

Length 30 inches, neck 26 inches, girth 38 inches


Length 32 inches, neck 28 inches, girth 40 inches

Length 34 inches, neck 30 inches, girth 42 inches

Length 36 inches, neck 32 inches, girth 44 inches

Diagram - Measuring for britches and belly bands

Standard Measurements - britches

Sized based on "A", top waist, through back legs to bottom waist measurement (see diagram) with the other measurements customized as needed.

XS - Chihuahuas, Minpins, etc.
XS A 10", 2" top, groin 8-12"
XS A 12",  3" top, groin 9-14"
XS A 14", 4" top, groin 9-14"

Small - Mini Dachshunds, Mini Schnauzers, etc.
Small A 16", 5" top, groin 12-16"
Small A 18", 6" top, groin 14-18"

Medium - Corgis, Border Collies, Vizslas, etc.
Medium A 21", 7" top, groin 16-22"
Medium A 23", 8" top, groin 16-22"

Large - Rottweilers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Doberman Pinschers, etc.
Large A 26", 9" top, groin 20-26"
Large A 28", 10" top, groin 22-28"

XL - Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc.
XL A 30", 11" top, groin 24-30"
XL A 32", 12" top, groin 26-32"
XL A 34", 13" top, groin 28-34"
XL A 36", 14" top, groin 30-36"

Standard measurements - belly bands

Sizes: Choose size based on groin measurement (see C on chart), then let me know width if different.

XS: 4" wide by 9-14" at groin   
Small: 5" wide by 12-18" at groin   
Medium: 6" wide by 16-22" at groin
Large: 7" wide by 20-28" at groin  
XL: 8" wide by 26-34" at groin