Made by De gives back

Made by De gives back to the dog community!


Dogs in need

Being an animal lover, I aim to give back to the animal community. Every year, Made by De donates snow coats for dogs and other clothing to dogs in need. Dogs who are;


- waiting to be rescued

- living on the streets with their homeless owners

- in medical need


I have donated products and funds to organizations such as Sox Place in Denver, CO, Miss Gabriel Foundation in Rogue River, OR and Waggin Tails in Torrington, WY, to name a few.

Do you have an organization in need?

I often have coats on hand for one reason or another and look forward to donating them to those pets who could use them.


I can also provide custom made dog coats from fabrics that I am no longer using for my products. I use this fabric to provide coats to those in need as well.


Do you have an organization that could benefit from some help from Made by De? Please contact me to see what we can arrange.