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  • Quilted Winter Dog Coat with Tummy Panel


    Take care of your furry friend with these ultra warm winter dog coats. They are designed for super protection, durability and comfort with extra insulation and a tummy panel. These custom dog coats are water repellent on the outside and soft on the inside for comfort. With so many available options, you'll have the perfect one of a kind dog coat for your pup. I make each coat to your specifications, with breed specific knowledge that leads to a fabulous fit! 

    Basic Features 

    -   Water repellent, quilted and insulated outer shell

    -   Warm fleece lining

    -   Tummy panel for warmth

    -   Custom tailoring and fit

    -   Harness port (D ring for small sizes on request)

    -  Single velcro or cargo buckle closure at waist 

    -  Care; Machine wash and air dry

    For extremely cold weather, you might want to layer this coat over some of my windpro fleece pajamas to keep your baby extra cozy!

    This is your opportunity to have a custom made coat just for your dog. If you have measurements, breed/type or other information you can provide, please provide those for the best fit possible. If measurements, etc., are not available, I will use the measurements listed below. 

    You can enter measurements and any other requests when you order by clicking the box by "Measurements, requests, etc.".

    Sizes based on length from base of neck to base of tail (see diagram)

    Small: chihuahuas, minpins, yorkies, pugs or similar
    Length 8 inches, neck 9 inches, girth 10-14 inches
    Length 10 inches, neck 10 inches, girth 14-18 inches
    Length 12 inches, neck 12 inches, girth 15-20 inches

    Medium: dachshunds, Frenchies, jack russell terriers or similar
    Length 14 inches, neck 14 inches, girth 16-22 inches
    Length 16 inches, neck 15 inches, girth 18-24 inches

    Large: boxers, whippets, bulldogs or similar
    Length 18 inches, neck 16 inches, girth 20-28 inches
    Length 20 inches, neck 18 inches, girth 24-30 inches
    Length 22 inches, neck 18 inches, girth 26-32 inches

    XL: doberman pinschers, weimeraners, german shepherds, greyhounds or similar
    Length 24 inches, neck 20 inches, girth 28-34 inches
    Length 26 inches, neck 22 inches, girth 28-36 inches

    XXL: Great Danes, bloodhounds or similar
    Length 28 inches, neck 24 inches, girth 30-38 inches
    Length 30 inches, neck 24 inches, girth 32-40 inches

    3XL: English Mastiffs, some Great Danes or similar
    Length 32 inches, neck 26 inches, girth 32-42 inches
    Length 34 inches, neck 28 inches, girth 32-42 inches
    Length 36 inches, neck 30 inches, girth 34-44 inches

    To view a video for instructions about measuring for a custom dog coat, click Measurement instructions.



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